Friday, September 12, 2014

Slow Steady Weight Loss Was A Byproduct of Feeling Happier About Myself

Shellie Schulze - Trainer

I was killing myself slowly
About 15 years ago I realized I was killing myself slowly. I knew I had to do something. But the very LAST THING I wanted to do was go to a gym. I was terrified. I remember to this day how I felt touring the gym that my husband went to. Shaking, sick to my stomach and dizzy. The anxiety was overwhelming. Yet, I knew....I KNEW I had to do something. Gratefully my first trainer and I hit it off wonderfully and I was on my way. 

On my way to being skinny again??? 

No, not even close. Then why did I do this journey? Why did I go to a gym and work out if I wasn't going to be a size "4"? Well the truth is, I did PLAN on being skinny again but in this amazing process, I started to being stronger, healthier and best of all happier! I could start looking people in the eye and smile with confidence! 

Slow steady weight loss was a byproduct

That's when I realized what I needed to treat was my INSIDES. How I felt about MYSELF was my first priority. Slow steady weight loss was a simple byproduct.

Look, if we aren't happy with OURSELVES, no matter what, we aren't going to be happy with ourselves in a size "4". My weight has fluctuated all my adulthood. But my forward motion in this journey we call life has been steady and strong.

I have a passion for my work. Moving our bodies is our first priority in fitness. 
Let's meet. Let's talk. Let's move. Beyond that? Well, that's the forward motion that YOU choose.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Nutrition Tip: Eat on Your Rest Days

Nutrition Tip of the Week:


There is a common misconception that one must overload his or her body with calories on workout days to ensure proper healing and growth. While it is important to feed your body with sufficient nutrients prior to and after your workout, your body actually induces muscular growth and recovery on your "rest days." Remember that on your workout days you are damaging the muscle. 

To ensure proper recovery on the day following your workout, replenish your body with sufficient nutrients.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Popping Shoulders and Tune Ups at the Gym

Clint, my professional football player stops in now and then at SonomaXFitness for a tune up.  He has an issue with his shoulder that many people have, so we have to work carefully to refine each exercise, look for new ideas in technique and work out smart!

Shoulders are a big problem for a lot of people and so each exercise has to be tailored to the individual.  I'm a kinda hands on coach.  I paying attention to where there is crackling and popping in the shoulder so we can back off.  Sometimes I can actually hear it!  Other times I can feel it.  I have to pay attention because often people will say "It doesn't hurt," but I make them stop when I feel it and we change the direction of the lift for a safe exercise experience.  

You have to be kind to that body!  It will love you for it!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sidewalk Lunges: Best Exercise For Legs

Heather and her daughter doing lunges on the sidewalk outside SonomaXFitness.

Walking lunges is the best exercise there is for legs.  And with our amazing California weather, why not go outside on gym day and have some fun?  Heather's daughter loves it, and I don't have to inspire or encourage her to do any of the exercises, she wants to do it.  

Heather has made tremendous improvements since starting and is happy with how she feels about being in her body.  Heather has sent a whole bunch of new clients to SonomaXFitness and I love that!  Sometimes they work out together in groups, splitting the cost and increasing the fun at the same time.  

BUT!  I have to watch her, 'cuz she is one of those people who will push too hard if I don't pay attention.  

Got to keep the customers safe and happy!

Positive Attitude and a Good Fun Time with the Family

Chuck knows how to have a good time at the gym.  He brings his family with him!

Why not?

Chuck is 54.  He stopped working out a whole bunch a years ago and then started up again last year at SonomaXfitness.  He arrived at SonomaXfitness with his wife and two boys and brought with him an amazing positive attitude.  He encourages everyone around him.  He even encourages me!

I have to watch him carefully though!  Because he wants to go heavy with the weights.  But he can't because of an injury.  So we work around it by not doing any exercises that aggravate his injury.  He is seeing great results.  We are using a lot less weight than he used to, but because we are focusing on the body-mind connection he is building his body beautifully.

Chuck is a great example that you don't have to go heavy to get amazing results.

Personally, I like that he brings his family and we all have a good, fun time working out.

I look forward to the training sessions.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Nutrition Tip: Want to Get In Prime Shape?

Nutrition Tip of the Week:


Supplements are referred to as such because they are SUPPLEMENTARY to your diet! Ensure that you are practicing a balanced diet featuring primarily slow-digesting carbohydrates, clean proteins, and healthy fats. 

Once you have been religious with your diet for several weeks, consult a Sonoma X Fitness trainer for supplement advice.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Why I Like Working Out With Doug, By John

Attitude, Energy and Physique!  It's all improved since I started working out at SonomaXFitness

He doesn't let you get away with coming you and not getting a good workout.

If you have trouble seeing this video, click here to watch it on YouTube

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