Monday, April 6, 2015

Best Arm Workout

Big props to my man Doug at Sonoma X Gym. just had the most effective arm workout I have ever had. Forearms are blown out to say the least thanks Doug!

Billy Briscoe had an amazing arm workout today with old school exercises - free weights, 30 minutes, heavy, focused and mindful.  No swinging out of control - just careful and productive movements.  

Monday, March 23, 2015

Exercise Balls

Ergonomically good for sit-ups if you have a back issue, exercise balls shape to your body for support in a firm but gentle way while engaging your core.  

Just sitting on it -- and some people sit on them at their work desk -- engages your core muscles and supports sitting upright and comfortably.   

At SonomaXFitness we use exercise balls as part of a whole body routine in combination with light weights.  

Call me to schedule a tour!  I'd like to show you around. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Preacher Curl

You can't really cheat with this one, making it one of the best biceps exercises at SonomaXFitness.  The support won't let your arm move keeping the exercise focused on the right muscles.  

This bench is sometime called the Scott Bench after Larry Scott, the first Mr. Olympia who had amazing biceps.  An old school exercise on this bench is called Teenty-Ones.  

Starting with 7 repetitions on the bottom half of the repetition range, followed by the top half for 7 repetitions and completing with 7 full range repetitions.  

This exercise shouldn't be done all the time but rather now and then to prompt the muscles to grow.   

Monday, March 16, 2015

Leg Press Machine and Free Motion Machine

Leg Press Machine

The Leg Press Machine is a favorite for many SonomaXFitness clients. It's smooth and the angle builds legs and glutes effectively.  The person who built it must have actually lifted weights and understood how muscles work.  The biggest error in use I see is overloading the machine with too much weight too soon.  It the weight can't be lifted 12 times it is probably too heavy. 

Free Motion Machine

The Free Motion Machine is the best machine ever built in my opinion and we use it extensively at SonomaXFitness for upper body development.  It seems to provide a safer workout for people with shoulder issues.  The angles of the machine can be customized to the exact needs of each client.  This gives us a range of possible ways to work around injuries and still build muscle smartly and efficiently.  

Monday, March 9, 2015

Don't Work Through Pain

Chuck - 54 Years Old

Chuck started with intense shoulder issues.  He couldn't lift his arm probably from repetitive motions at work.  So we worked around it by strengthening the muscles in the area.  We worked without doing any exercise that would bother his shoulder. 

Don't Work Through Pain

At SonomaXFitness we don't work through pain areas, we work around them to rebuild strength and flexibility.  Chuck's works out for 30 minutes, twice a week - and he is focused and high intensity when he is exercising.   That's why he looks amazing. 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

NPC Contra Costa Championships

SonomaXfitness client Sam Jones is getting ready for the biggest bodybuilding show in Northern California.  At SonomaXfitness Sam has discovered the importance of right diet and is doing something he has never been able to do before, put on appropriate weight and see significant changes in his physique. 

Monday, December 29, 2014

I saw my weight drop down 20 pounds in 3 months.

Cleaned Up My Diet First

Doug has been my trainer since September 2013. The first few months were really spotty with it being the holidays, a one-year-old baby and getting used to working out. It wasn’t until January 2014 that things settled down into a solid routine. Nevertheless, Doug came up with a plan to increase my overall strength levels, get my diet cleaned up and lose weight. I am 6’3” and weighed 185 pounds – tall and skinny – so it might sound odd that I would have to lose weight. But I did need it. Tall and skinny guys can have a problem with weight too, called “skinny fat.”

Increasing Protein Intake

For those few months in 2013, I worked on increasing my protein intake, cutting fats, and watching my carbs. Minimal fats. I saw my weight drop down 20 pounds in those 3 months. Starting January 2013, I had a base of 164.5 and it was time to go! Over the course of 2014, I have steadily gained weight and strength levels. While I am not fixated to the scales but instead keep tabs on my overall strength increases and “how I look in the mirror”, I have progressed to 190 pounds as of last week; that’s about 2 pounds per month. I have never weighed more in my life. As a tall and skinny guy, this is great stuff!

Along with my weight gain came solid strength gains as well. My bench press started off <100 pounds and now I just (barely) hit 185 pounds. My dumbbell presses have moved from 25/35 pounds to around 55 pounds (each hand). Dumbbell rows have similarly moved to 80 pounds. If I pushed it a little more,  I can probably exceed those levels. Amazingly, I can now squat around 300 pounds! I never thought that would happen.

Have Fun and Work Hard

Doug has implemented several different routines over the year to keep it fresh and my body constantly trying to keep up. Sometimes it was over 150 incline push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups…each! In one session! Sometimes it focused on heavy weights. Sometimes it was high reps. Sometimes it was supersets (no real rest between sets, moving between different exercises). Through all of this, Doug and I had fun and worked hard at it. From time to time, Doug would even work out next to me and keep up the pressure. Right now, we are concentrating on old school style: lift heavy. This is my favorite routine so far.

Keeping Me On Task

My goals are to hit 200 pounds, eclipse the 300 pound squat, achieve at least 70 pound dumbbell
presses (140# total), and smith-machine press 200 pounds by July 2015. Then, cut back on some of the fat I have inevitably put on during my weight gain phase.

Doug is someone who has always been there to train and motivate. He’s an inspiration, and I can always trust that he will give me 100%, just like the efforts I place on myself. Always quick to smile, he will keep you on task and keep it fun. And you gotta love Pete!

I’ve still got what seems like a mountain to climb, but I’m taking it one step at a time.

Looking forward to 2015 at SonomaXFitness with Doug McKinney.


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